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Acquire funds without disclosing banking information.

Effortlessly coordinate your favourite items with your loved ones, without being burdened by the expenses.

Unlimited pots

Utilize Gitdi to gather funds for various events and activities you plan in your life.

Withdraw to your bank

You have the option to withdraw your accumulated funds to your bank account or purchase a gift card.

Totally secure

We utilize advanced authentication methods for payments, specifically 3D Secure. Your bank probably doubts it.

It's easy

Share the payment link

If you are already connected with your group by various platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, email, or Zoom, you can easily provide them with the link to make their payment.

Start using Gitdi now for free!

Are you the organiser in your family, group of friends, or work?

Since chasing friends down for cash may be extremely embarrassing (and annoying!), we’ve made it simple to collect cash from large groups of individuals. How to do it is as follows:
1) You send friends a personalised payment link to ask for money.
2) They pay you with their digital wallet, Apple Pay, or Google Pay (no account setup or app download needed).

Gitdi is presently available for download in the US, UK, and Europe. Individuals living outside these nations can contribute to your fund, even though they are unable to serve as the group organizer. Complimentary!

Yes! As a commercial user, the 6% fixed fee applies to each payment received through the app. We automatically deduct this fee from your received payments, so there’s nothing additional you need to do on your end.

Yes. Gitdi collaborates with Stripe, a reputable worldwide payment processor licensed by the FCA, to authenticate the identities of those receiving or withdrawing funds via our app. All payments processed through Gitdi are automatically 3D secured, necessitating approval from your bank or card provider for each payment made to us. Stripe securely saves and protects your funds until you decide to withdraw them.




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