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Selling Point of Sale (POS) applications specifically for desktop, the POS application that we offer is the solution for your sales, for those of you who have any business, you can use our POS application. The features we offer include:

  1. Customer, Supplier and Employee Management with photos
  2. Item Category Management
  3. Item Management along with VAT
  4. Barcode support
  5. Barcode export dan Print Preview
  6. Management Stock, Out of stock dan Re-order
  7. Management Bad Stock
  8. Sales Management
  9. Point of Sales can use a barcode scanner
  10. Sales return
  11. Sales report
  12. Debt Management
  13. Chart of accounts
  14. Income Voucher
  15. Expense voucher
  16. Cash Transfer
  17. User Management
  18. User Permission Point to Point
  19. Data Import dari Excel(.xls, .xlsx) file
  20. Data Backup
  21. Reset Database

Applications using Visual Basic .net framework 4.0 focus of the POS application that we offer is offline sales, it does not require a server or internet just 1 pc offline connected to a printer to print shopping receipt.

Is the application ready?

Yes. The application is always ready as long as this post still exists


Can I get the script?

Yes. You can full script along with how to install it


Can it be installed in several outlets?

Yes. You are free to install the POS application in several outlets that you have


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