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As with other trades, IT professionals are sometimes required to write non-technical reports to present a project, talk about its progress and others to a person who is not necessarily familiar with it (client, hierarchy, etc.). Like development languages, languages are governed by well-defined rules and it would be counterproductive to see your interlocutor make comments on errors (grammar or spelling mistakes), because this constitutes a "distraction". As the debate is moved from the subject line to any errors.

To avoid such situations, digital solutions are offered, including Antidote. Antidote brings together a new generation corrector, powerful search dictionaries and clear, detailed language guides.

The publisher specifies that these multiple works interact harmoniously to help explore all aspects of a linguistic question. Each of Antidote's works is a sum: more than one hundred and twenty-eight thousand words, nine hundred thousand co-occurrences, one million synonyms, nine thousand verbs and fifty thousand alerts are thus made available to you. And each book offers several tools for working the language, such as the intelligent filters of the corrector and the multiple search modes in the dictionaries.

All the works are grouped into three windows. In each window, a clean layout and a minimum of buttons. A process of correction that's simple, fast and efficient. And a host of clever little touches hidden away, invisible.

In addition, Antidote is accessible directly from your text by a simple click on a button or in a menu. "No file conversion, no CD-ROM to load, no waste of time: you write, you are in doubt, you click, Antidote enlightens you. Antidote is the modern, fast and practical way to write French without fail and with the right words

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