New $40 AWS Credit Code Lightsail EC2 AWS Educate Credits

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Credit codes work For All Non-EDU Regular Normal users

AWS Credit rules: Stackable Two codes per aws account per Event ID (You can stackable two codes more, Just make sure these codes applied from another event ID)


One AWS account Can use up to Two credit codes of This Event

Stackable 2 codes per AWS account. For this AWS event ID, You can add up to 2 of this Event to your Account(even if it was used up).
So please make sure that if you have added These Codes to your AWS Account before.
if you already have added 2 codes from this event, Please do not buy it, Because credit codes will not work.

$40 AWS Promotional Codes
Event ID :  AWS Educate Promotional Credits

Expiration Date - 09/30/2022

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