Laplink - PCmover 10 - Windows - 5 users


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Laplink - PCmover 10 - Windows - 5 users

To use PCmover, simply install it on both your old and new Windows computers, and follow the easy-to-use wizard. When the transfer is complete, your new PC will have the personality and functionality of your old one. Because most transferred applications are installed ready-to-use on the new PC, there's usually no need to find old CDs or previously downloaded applications, serial numbers, or license codes.

 Platform : Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 7

Easy to use

Install PCmover on both of your computers and follow the simple wizard to transfer everything you select to your new PC.

Set it and forget it

You start the transfer and walk away. PCmover does the rest.

PCs auto connect

Discovers and connects PCs using the fastest method detected.

Optimized for fast transfer

Provides maximum performance and time savings. You will quickly be using your new PC with everything ready to go.

Complete selectivity

Automatically transfers all selected applications, files, folders, settings, and user profiles to your new PC.

"Undo" feature

Quickly reverse changes made to your new PC if you change your mind or want to redo the transfer with different selections.

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